The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace gave a welcoming embrace to Sofia at the Greek Tourism Workshop

As part of the planned tourism promotional events of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Greek Tourism Workshop was held on Monday, February 6, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. The key goal of this significant event, organized by Tourism Media & Events with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, was to promote PAMTH as a top destination for all four seasons of the year.

During this event, a series of important b2b meetings were held with representatives of the Greek Embassy in Sofia, professionals from the tourism and education sector, the business world, journalists and representatives of various institutions and organizations of the Bulgarian capital, who were introduced to all the unique features of the Region, in the context of the PAMTH tourism campaign with the message “Hug Full of Greece“.

The participants of the meetings „travelled“ in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, discovering the natural, cultural and historical wealth of the region. A fascinating mosaic of religions, traditions, picturesque settlements, beautiful landscapes and warm people was revealed and highlighted the unique experience of a “Hug Full of Greece“.   

The event was attended by the Head of Economic and Commercial Affairs

to Sofia, Mr. Dimitrios Michas, the Director for Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria Mr. Georgi Alipiev, the president of the Association of Tourist Agencies, Mrs. Dimitrina Goranova, as well as the Regional Tourism Advisor, Mr. Athanasios Tsonis. Among the issues discussed during the event were the high tourism flows of Thassos and Samothrace as well as the fact that in February, thousands of Bulgarians will come to Xanthi to experience the carnival festivities. 

This promotional initiative of PAMTH in Sofia is part of a general tourism strategy that is based on the promotional campaign with the motto “Hug Full of Greece“. The central goal is to create a positive and at the same time renewed image of the Region in the Bulgarian market, which will contribute to its inclusion in the lists of professionals of various categories of tourism, and as a destination for individual travelers.

Find more information about the region on their official website: East Macedonia and Thrace.

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